Sandra Sparks (speruoc) wrote in celticsounds,
Sandra Sparks

Celtic Blog Tales

Just a note here to let you know I have started posting stories about musicians and music over on myspace. On are already a few stories about the musicians I have met over the years, and this week I will begin adding stories about Reniassance Festival musicians on

Included in the blogs will not only be stories of musicians I have met, such as The Chieftains, Niamh Parsons, Maddie Pryor, Susan McKeown, Johnny Cunningham, and the like, but I will be writing about the music I am discovering as I explore Myspace. If you have a favorite musician or are a musician with a myspace page, let me know, and I'll come by for a listen.

I hope you'll enjoy the blog. I'm excited about the opportunity to write it.

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